Mutational tests

Everyone writes tests, right? If we have them its great to be sure they are of good quality. Today I’ll show you one of the tools to check it.

Interesting patterns: Proxy

Some resources are expensive. We want to have a handy way to decide when to use them.

Interesting patterns: Marker interface

From time to time we discover interesting ways to solve a problem. This is one of them.

An agony of trying to do the job

In our work, we do not only implement algorithms and so on. Sometimes we have more complicated problems than trying to do what clients want. Sometimes it even more complicated.

History of WWW

The World Wide Web is as common as the water in your tap. But how did it all start?

How to pass a variable to Android activity

I wanted to know how to share variables between activities. I found several solutions. Which one is better?

How to hack #4 – XML External Entity Processing

XML files are still very popular this days. Do you know how dangerous can be processing this kind of files?

[UPDATED] Symfony 3.3 released! What changed?

New version of the most popular framework in PHP world was released. Do you want to know what changed?

How to hack #3 – Clickjacking

What is clickjacking? How to does it work? In this post, I'll show you an example of the attack.

Why Bitcoins may not be a good option

Bitcoins are very popular this days. Many people may thing it's a perfect currency but is it?

How to hack #2 – Cross Site Scripting

What clickjacking is? How to does it work? In this post I'll show you an example of the attack.

How to hack #1 – SQL Injection

SQL injection is one of the most popular vectors of attacks. Do you want to know how it works and how to protect against it?

Does Symfony3 love Angular2?

Symfony and Angular are getting more and more popular. Wasn't be cool to use them in one project?!

3 ways to ignore files in GIT

Do you know all the ways to ignore files in you repos using GIT? No? So do not wait any minute.