How to hack #4 – XML External Entity Processing

Introduction Today, we use XML files over JSON because of old, legacy applications which support communication only using XML files (for example SOAP) or because the XML Schema which is much more adult than JSON Schema or Swagger. Or you like XML or… you use Java! Anyway, regardless of the reason for your decision using this Read more about How to hack #4 – XML External Entity Processing[…]

[UPDATED] Symfony 3.3 released! What changed?

Introduction I am very excited about new Symfony release. Lot’s of things changed. This post puts everything in one place and highlights the most important changes. Dependency Injection component The dependency injection component had many changes. To improve RAD the service autoconfiguration was added as well as getters autowiring and getters injections. In my opinion, the most sexy change Read more about [UPDATED] Symfony 3.3 released! What changed?[…]

Write down your own constitution

How many project did you not finish? Do you have bad habits which you cannot get rid of? Do you have any goals which  you want to reach but you do not have enough self-denial? Today I start with a set of articles about getting things done. These articles are my way to try to gather all I learned about it. Maybe it will inspire you to change something in your life. Who knows? […]