How to hack #1 – SQLInjection


Security becomes more and more important. Clients will not use our products if they will not trust us. On the other hand, sensitive data are a tasty morsel for attackers who can try use this data to grant access to another website or use them for phishing and so on. In this article I will tell you about using this kind of vulnerabilities. […]

Does Symfony3 love Angular2?

Some time ago Angular2 was released. I was excited because this framework is a breath of freshness in the frontend world. To start developing new apps using Angular2 a quick start created. A small problem with it is it may be hard to integrate the whole stack in an existing application. I decided to write a quick tutorial how to run Angular2 on Symfony application. […]

Write down your own constitution

How many project did you not finish? Do you have bad habits which you cannot get rid of? Do you have any goals which  you want to reach but you do not have enough self-denial? Today I start with a set of articles about getting things done. These articles are my way to try to gather all I learned about it. Maybe it will inspire you to change something in your life. Who knows? […]